Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The rooms are well appointed, simple but comfortable and clean. And would you believe I never saw nor heard the housekeeping team!! They must have a great housekeeping plan to get this big facility going in tip top condition. After the morning activity, lo and behold, my bed is made, bathroom is clean and fresh smelling and dry!!, trash is empty. You'll find two wooden native basket on top of the toilet bowl which serve as container for spare toilet tissue roll and some paper bags to contain feminine hygiene items for disposal... got that? 

Below you can see the different hallways and corners, very native and elegant. As in every corner of the place, you'll be surprised with small details. I learned that most of these furniture and furnishings were donations of old and wearied items from many people and were magically restored by DEINAR, owned and managed by managing director and prestigious Interior decorator Fina Navarro. DEINAR is located at Deinar Inc., 11 Hilltop Street, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City. Tel: (632) 705-1186. DEINAR also did the interiors of the TCC Oratory.


  1. hi libai...i was just reminded about how my husband would ask about those small brown bags inside the cr. he was impressed about that small detail. :-)

  2. It's beautiful. My aunt Fina is a great professional and has excellent taste!

  3. i would just like to clarify that Ms Fina Navarro did the interiors but not the Oratory =)