Friday, December 19, 2008

Bowl cleaner tool

Have you ever window shopped for toilet bowls, tubs and toilet furnishings??Just please tell me if i've I gotten weird because Im beginning to appreciate plus points and benefits of every bowl and wash basins and tubs!! Really you've got to see the new creations/designs.. they've become sleek, polished.. i'm sure this will be of interest to those of you who are installing or building your new nests. How do you maintain these beautiful and expensive investments immaculate and free from scratch..

This bowl mop is what I recommend and anything that comes close to it, please avoid buying the nylon brush (exed drawing..pardon my lack of artistic prowess!!) weaved around a round wire as this can scratch your ceramic tiles when the nylon brush wears off. This toilet bowl mop has been designed to clean without scratching the bowl surface. It's almost as soft as your facial sponge so it provides gentle cleaning action. It also has a handle for hygienic cleaning. It's durable and comes with a dipper, a bit pricey tho but it's worth it.

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