Monday, January 3, 2011

Details mean a lot...

Home celebrations always evoke strong feelings of both excitement and panic! We look forward to everything we can celebrate and oh boy! we dread all the preparations that go with it.

What makes preparation a sucess? it's not extravagance, it's not abundance, it's not luxurious things - it's DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS..  They usually don't cost much, they can be easy to prepare, they just require a bit of planning and proven time and again,, it brings smile on faces of our loved ones!!

- These simple home made name cards, the little chocolate candies and the fancy napkin fold made this family christmas dinner so warm.
- The choco bundles also had home printed personal Christmas greetings
- The dinner menu was also printed at home.

- Simple Japanese menu prepared in Bento boxes

- Home made japanese lamps with home printed greetings in japanese characters     
- We also printed Haikus of personal birthday greetings in every cove

Printed Haikus on home made lamps.

Oh, i loved this gift because the wrapping was so nice. It was simple cookies inside.

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