Thursday, November 3, 2011


Cooks family & staff meals-breakfast, Pack meals, Lunch, dinner and snacks. Makes menu, grocery list
  Kitchen, Pantry - all appliances, Ref & Freezers, wine chiller, storage room, cupboards
Market & grocery (every Saturday) Monitor LPG supply (Maintain 1 tank reserve )

5:00 Rise. Take a shower and wear proper uniform.  Prepare breakfast of kids (6:00AM Mon-Fri) & staff (7:00AM)
7:30 Clean up kitchen, wash and dry pots & pans, wipe and sanitize counters.  Put order in the kitchen.
Prepare pack meals ni Mam 
8:00 Set  breakfast  table for Mam, and other guests.
8:30 Luto ang baon ni Lee (ready by 9:00AM, hatid by Yaya).
 Ligpit and linis kitchen. Ilabas ang lulutuin for lunch
10:00 Ihanda ang lunch  (staff for family members or guests @ home)
12:00 STAFF LUNCH.  Pagkatapos ay magligpit ng kitchen. Pahinga
3:00 Prepare snacks for Lee.  Maglaba ng basahan, dish towels na gamit ng kitchen, at mop.
4:00 Maghanda ng lutuin for Dinner of Lee (6:00 PM) and staff
7:00 STAFF DINNER.  Prepare soup dinner for Mam . Ligpit kitchen. Wait for mam
9:00 Nightly tasks
10:30 Lights Out
AFTER COOKING 1. Clean up and wash all pots & pans, dishes used, dry dishes & return to cabinets
2.  Clean all kitchen equipment.  Wipe all counters / tuyuin lahat ng counters at sink. Labhan ang basahan palagi.
3. Sweep kitchen floors, mop
4. Clean up dining area - clear plates, placemats, wipe table, sweep floor
5. Put leftovers in container, store in refrigerators
EVERY NIGHT 1. Sanitize all cabinets doors, refrigerator & gas range, kitchen counters and sink.
2. Put all utensil / item back in its proper place
4. Throw garbage, wash sanitize trash cans, reline
5. Wash all used kitchen rags, dish towels, hand towels ( sa hapon, libreng oras)
6. Sweep, Mop, disinfect floors
WEEKLY Pour hot water ( with baking soda)  on drains, clean all dish sponges & abrasives
Friday Linisin ang refrigerator at freezer. Mag lista ng kailangan bilhin sa grocery at ibigay kay Mam.
CHECK EXPIRY - huwag paabutin ma expire ng leftovers sa ref at  mga grocery items storage
Tuesday Mag alis ng agiw sa kisame, linisin ang bintana at ang exhaust.
MONTHLY Punasan at sanitize ang loob ng lahat ng kitchen cabinets, cupboards, pantry shelves
Clean ceiling fan, window shades (sunscreen)
After Use All kitchen equipment- gas stove, griller, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, blender, etc
1 Always be clean & neat. Wash hands often. Neatly combed hair, proper uniform at home
2 SMILE AND BE HAPPY. Always greet Good morning/afternoon/evening. Say thank you, welcome and please
3 MALASAKIT SA PAMILYA AT SA KAPWA.  Kung may makitang pwedeng gawin,gawin ito kahit wala sa listahan
4 PAALALA. Ang pagtanggap ng sariling bisita sa kapamahayan ay kailangan ng pahintulot ni Mam.
After daily cleaning, turn off lights, close doors, decors/frames upright, doors closed
PESTS & ANAY MONITORING. Report wood borers and other insects to Mam

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dream Moment with Filipino Sculptor Jerusalino V. Araos

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY PHILIPPINES!!  I thought of writing today about one of Philippines pride Maestro Jerry Araos. 
What a great way to celebrate with a dream moment yesterday afternoon with  sculptor, gardener and writer. The Artist Jerusalino Araos better known as "Jerry Araos".  His works, his words and his company enchanted me. The whole viewing experience is not only meant for the eyes but for all the senses, refreshingly uplifting..  A Filipino pride!
Mr Jerusalino Araos in his workshop
Mr. Jerry utilizes old weathered wood, planks, beams, stairs, architectural relics from demolished houses, and tree trunk debris to create beautiful and functional works of art.  Upon entering his living room, my eyes focused on the 4 pieces (white, black, yellow and green) of Mitra chairs -purchased in Germany- in a sea of wooden furniture and art works. Mr. Jerry proudly says his chairs are non atrocious, practically functional but artistically and highly crafted typical of Jerry’s sense of aesthetics like the "luklukan" (shown below) and the "laklakan" which by the way everyone agrees is best for back massage chairs. 

Luklukan Chair
Just what is a non atrocious chair? Mr. Jerry gives us a lecture. Mr. The carved seat of the luklukan allows the lap to fall away from the torso. This allows the person to breathe deeply even when seated and prevents the compression of the internal organs when the lap is perpendicular or at a more acute angle to the torso. The forelegs of the sculpture are positioned to allow the sitter’s feet to align with the body’s center of gravity. This forces the sitter to support himself on the sitbones, straighten the spine and thus relieve the lower back of stress. The pre-eroded form of the seat eases the constriction of the femoral arteries on the thigh. The back is supported by a curved backrest. Used as a chair, the sculpture affords a feeling of well-being. The renewed awareness of the body lends a sense of personal power to the sitter.
LOL!  Araos crafted Desktop & Work Station
 His furniture uses pegs, no nails!! Hand in hand with the sculptural integrity of the works is the ergonomic design of the chairs. The work station you see above include a wooden framed desktop monitor and CPU ( by his son Julian).
Body in flight
Above work carved from calantas describes Sir Jerry's work,  the grains you see are the natural wood grain as if copying the muscles of the upper torso, then going in circles around the butt area, then went straight down at the femur . Jerry says "the material has its own jargon, and I allow that to be expressed as intimately as possible". When we asked him what can he make out of a piece of wood, he says "I don't know, I have to ask the wood first. The sculptor must not impose his  ego over the material. I ask it "where is the body in you? and when i carve, the guides my tools, ouchh! not there!... over here.." Enchanting!!
Dining Table 
  The dining table above provides space for bog bossomed ladies or pot-belllied gentlemen (LOL!) 

 The Araos works are sculpted and finished in and out, top and bottom. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Solidarity and Housework

Photo Credit to
My two older sisters, Mila, 63 and Bobbie, 58  signed up with facebook and have 145 and 29 friends respectively (Bobbie just opened account in May 2011). Both joined the family group, "liked" Bruno Mars to support a niece from the opposite pole who joined such and such contest, renewed communications with long lost relatives and are proudly sharing the most recent pictures of their smart grand children. Facebook has become an effective channel for encouraging family relationship and generational identity.
There will, however, be no replacing family life as the first, cheapest, most natural and most effective school in generational solidarity that our world so needs. Family life naturally generates and nurture trust and reciprocity among its members which are what make solidarity work.
A well managed home must facilitate family relationship. The living quarters, the service areas and service performance must promote family get together, conversation and working together.  Every aspect of household service must be performed to allow, foster and not to interrupt family relationship. To trust is to be able to rely on another and it is in serving, in giving one's time, one's helping hand, giving oneself that promotes trust among people.  Family lifestyle and household service that isolate members from each other or take away the opportunity of needing and giving service to each other  also take away the education in solidarity.
As a professional homemaker or private service professional, what is your service vision? 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Loving Cebu and Bohol..

with family and friends in Cebu

Sustainable Living: Professional Approaches to Housework

I apologize for the long absence, the previous months got me so busy as I endeavored to do something outside of my comfort zone - producing a serious paper for an international conference which I will talk about in the coming blogs - and I don't regret it. I find it good to stretch myself outside of my comfort zone to keep on improving my industry, myself and my craft . And this conference proved to be a great experience!
I always held the conviction that housework is crucial to home and society and in my own way make house workers be aware and proud of it and I had been finding ways that it be recognized by society as such.  The recently concluded 3rd Excellence in the Home International Conference series entitled: Sustainable Living Conference organized by the Home Renaissance Foundation was very uplifting and inspiring.
I've participated in many conferences within the industry and heard my colleagues talk about our profession. But this conference was different. The conference gathered experts from varied disciplines - sociologists, biologist, economists, academe, businessmen, lawyers, goverment officials, housework professionals and moms to share their research studies regarding the importance and impact of housework to achieving a sustainable society. It was so inspiring to hear experts from different backgrounds, nationalities and culture talk and share ideas about the work in the home from their expertise point of view and share my very same conviction.
Prof. Bellardinelli from the Univ of Bologna, Prof Piorowski from Univ of Berlin and Prof Mauhri Ahlberg of Helsinki all spoke about the role of home and house work as the most natural, most effective and cheapest seat of education of a person in solidarity, sustainability and responsible economic management - all three big issues of our time. Prof Peggie Smith from Wasgington U spoke about the need to promote the legal recognition of this much neglected profession.  I will be talking about each of this in my next blogs.

Home Renaissance The conference which was held in Grocers Hall, London on March 17-18 had participants coming from the five continents. You may follow Home Renaissance at or on twitter at!/HRFLondon

More in my next blogs...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is managing household a headache? try four..

.. well I manage four! This Wednesday, I was in bed with a bad flu; this is my recorded sms messages February 9, Wednesday, 7AM
Me:    (to Wednesday house) Hi Ma'am, I am sorry I cannot report to work today. I am down with flu     
           since Monday and am not any better yet. 
Tuesday house:   Libai  sabi ni Sir (according to Sir), hoard some gallons of water and LPG and 
           Jacobs' diet crackers in case a coup rumour pulls off this week,  rumours from military missus.
Me:     (to tuesday house) okay ill ask chef to double up stock. 
Wednesday house:    Okay, take your rest.
Me:     (to Tuesday Chef) Chef please attend to this - Tuesday house sms forwarded.
Monday house:   Libai, how are you? Mrs. Ramos (the neighbor) will not sign firewall consent unless 
           she talks to the Contractor and Architect, please coordinate. Ill be out of town this weekend.
Me:     (to Monday house) Copy, Ill take care of that.
Chef:    Ma'am, Jacob's crackers out of stock in S&R and Shopwise, can you help us look for it?
Secretary:   Ma'am, chef says Jacob's crackers out of stock in S&R and Shopwise, can you help us 
           look for it?
Me:    (to Chef & Secretary)  I have a 38 temperature right now, so please send DriverX to scour 
          all the major supermarkets for Jacobs before the coup breaks out!! hehehe
Me:     (to Arch EU and Engineer S)  Kindly visit Mrs Ramos this afternoon to clarify some matters and 
          obtain the Firewall consent.
Thursday house:    Hi Libai, are you coming tomorrow? When do we interview the new cook?
Me:      (to cook applicant)  Hi cook, when is our interview schedule? Is it Feb 14 or Feb 15?
Arch EU:   Engr S, kindly see Mrs Ramos regarding firewall consent. cc Libai, Monday House
Engr S:    Copy
Me:       (to Arch EU and Engineer S) Thanks and goodluck
Cook:     Gudam Ma'am,  I will come on Monday Feb 14, 8AM.
Me:       (to Thursday house) Hi Ma'am, I am sick and I cannot report for work tomorrow. Cook 
           applicant interview confirmed  on February 14, 8AM. 

Knock.. knock..:  Hi Libai, have you rested? its lunchtime dear..

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily Task Schedule - Laundry Staff


Wash clothing, bed & bath linen, Table linen, house linen (sofa covers, curtains). Send items for dry cleaning, hand wash delicate fabric

Laundry area, staff room, staff kitchen, Collect soiled clothes/linen. Assist house girl daily in cleaning entrance, courtyard - dusting of furniture, wiping glass walls, decors. Clean staff bathroom (Monday, Tuesday)

Wash dishes after family meals, assists in serving at meals
* always be ready to help others when listed tasks is completed.
6:00 Rise. Freshen Up. Wear proper UNIFORM
6:30 Cleaning of assigned area - sweep, vacuum or dust furniture
7:30 Saff Breakfast
8:30 Collect soiled laundry, begin laundry tasks.  
12:00 Staff Lunch. Assist in cleaning up kitchen: wash dishes. Personal Time
3:00 Odd cleaning jobs while laundry is drying. Continue Laundry and Ironing Tasks
6:30 Dinner. Assist in kitchen clean up. 
7:30 Continue Ironing tasks
Lights Out

Collect and sort items to be washed or ironed for the day. Start machine on linen laundry days. Begin laundry following proper laundry procedures.  Handwashing of delicate clothesClean laundry area- dust shelves/cabinets, wipe walls and mop/sanitize floors. Put order in area.

Tues, Thurs, Sat
Ironing days
Wed and Sat

Machine wash Bedlinen (Saturdays) and bath towels (Wed, Sat). Dry and fold
& Sat
Change bath towels
Every Saturday
Wash comforters, bedsheets, pillow cases and fitted sheets
Siguraduhing walang laman ang mga bulsa ng mga pantalon at damit bago labhan. Check pockets of clothing articles. 
Tahiin muna ang punit o butas bago ito labhan upang maiwasan ang tuluyang pagkasira nito. Repair torn clothing before washing.
Alisin muna ang mantsa sa tela bago ito labhan. Basahin ang Pagtanggal ng Mantsa. Spot wash stains on clothes before washing.

Sundin ang takdang dami ng sabon panglaba.  Use sufficient / correct amounts of laundry supplies 
Tunawing mabuti ang detergent bago ilagay ang labada upang maiwasan ang mga puting mantsa. Dilute powder detrget in water before use to prevent staining clothes.

Baligtarin paloob ng damit upang maiwasan ang pagkupas ng tela. Wash clothes inside out.


Always be clean & neat. Wash hands often. Neatly combed hair, proper uniform at home

SMILE AND BE HAPPY. Always greet Good morning/afternoon/evening. Say thank you, welcome and please
MALASAKIT SA PAMILYA AT SA KAPWA.  Kung may makitang pwedeng gawin,gawin ito kahit wala sa listahan

PAALALA. Ang pagtanggap ng sariling bisita sa kapamahayan ay hindi pinahihintulutan.
DAY OFF is weekly, from 10:00AM

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daily Task Schedule - Household Cleaning Staff

Here's a sample daily task schedule I use for household cleaning staff. 

Responsible for household cleanliness and order 

First Floor - Living room, Lanai, Library, Game room and powder room, entrance and powder room, Formal Dining & kitchen, hallways,  guestrooms (3) & bathrooms
Staff room and bath (alternate with other staff)

Help set and serve dinner table for  lunch and dinner. Clears table after meals. Serve during meals. Attend to door and assist when there are guests.  Check cleaning supplies, prepare cleaning supplies requisition. Lock all doors of 1st floor.

* (Be of help to others when tasks assigned have been completed)

Daily Schedule

Clean Entrance Powder Room, Lanai area


Routine Cleaning - Living room, Guest Bedroom, Library, Game room, Formal dining room, Formal kitchen, Breakfast nook, Toilets (6), Parents & Caregive's room
Laundry Staff -  Dust furniture at entrance, hallways, Parent & Caregiver's


ODD JOBS/ Periodic cleaning tasks. Stay at first floor to attend to guests. Attend to door. Sweep Lanai 


Set up table for dinner. Assist serving at table. 

Dishwash. Help clean up kitchen.

Lock all doors on 1st floor

Lights Out

Cleaning Schedule 

General cleaning task - once a week
High dusting, remove cobwebs. Wipe glass sliding doors, glass windows.
Wipe clean electric fans, light switches, power outlets.
Damp wipe, spot clean walls, baseboards.
Dust walls, damp wipe / disinfect/ spot clean doors, walls & baseboards


Mam’s Office, Lanai Area

Living Room, Dining room, Formal kitchen

Library, Game room

Guestroom, Parents' & Caregiver's room


Entrance & courtyard

Weekly, Monthly
Periodic Tasks

15 / 30
Vacuum-  rugs, lampshades, sofa, throw pillows, corners, sides, baseboards

1st Fridays

2nd Fridays
Clean air con filters

3rd Fridays
Scrub floor groutings


Always be clean & neat. Wash hands often. Neatly combed hair, proper uniform at home

SMILE AND BE HAPPY. Always greet Good morning/afternoon/evening. Say thank you, welcome and please

Be of Help.  ( Even with tasks not listed in your task list)

 No personal guests will be entertained at work site.

After daily cleaning, turn off lights, close doors, decors/frames upright, doors closed

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Domestic workers are called a friendly term in Manila "Kasambahay": to emphasize they are part of the household. Below is the bill  that is yet to be signed in Congress to provide legal recognition for the domestic workers and recognize the important role that Kasambahay plays in the building of the family and of society.

The kasambahay has the right to decent work wh

ich includes decent employment and income, humane conditions of work, access to and coverage in social protection schemes, and the opportunity for social dialogue and representation.

Right to Just and Humane Conditions of Work. The kasambahay has the right to a safe and healthy work environment, continuous (sufficient) rest periods, time for recreation and leisure.

Right to Just and Humane Treatment. The Kasambahay is entitled to be treated free from any physical or psychological violence, or any other act which debases, degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of the kasambahay as a human being be used upon the latter.

Right against Involuntary Servitude, Debt Bondage and Trafficking. The kasambahay shall have the right to refuse or deny his or her services to work or tasks not stipulated in the employment contract.  In case the kasambahay agrees to work in industrial undertakings and perform  work or task for the service or benefit of another household, he or she shall be entitled to  applicable minimum wage or just compensation respectively.

Right to Social Protection. The kasambahay shall be covered by the Social Security System (SSS) and be entitled to all the benefits provided under Republic Act No. 8282, as amended. The employers of said kasambahay shall pay for the employer's share of the SSS contributions without deducting the same from the monthly compensation of the kasambahay. The kasambahay shall also pay for the employee’s share of the SSS contributions.
All house helpers shall be covered by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) in accordance with its guidelines and be entitled to all the benefits provided
by law.

Right to Privacy. The kasambahay shall have the right to privacy during his/her rest periods. The kasambahay's right to privacy shall extend to any and all forms of personal communications.

Right to Minimum Wage. The kasambahay shall be entitled to the following minimum wage rates:
(a) TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (Php2,500.00) a month for KASAMBAHAY WORKING in the National Capital Region (NCR);
(b) ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED PESOS (Php1,700.00) a month for those WORKING in other chartered cities and first class municipalities; and,
(c) ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (Php 1,500.00) a month for those WORKING in other municipalities."

Within one (1) year after the passage of this law, the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards (RTWPBs) shall determine and adjust, from time to time, the appropriate minimum wage rates of kasambahays in accordance with the special wage fixing mechanism.

Right to free board, lodging and medical attendance. The kasambahay has the right to suitable and sanitary living quarters as well as adequate food and medical attendance free of charge.

Right to access educational opportunities. The kasambahay has the right to access opportunities for education and training to upgrade their skills and improve the services they provide to their employers.

Right to self-organization. The kasambahay shall have the right to form or join association or societies for purposes not contrary to law.

Right to redress grievance. The kasambahay shall have the right to redress grievance and to the expeditious settlement of disputes.

All other rights not specified herein but guaranteed by the Constitution are affirmed and shall be equally afforded to the kasambahay.