Monday, December 22, 2008


Have you ever been to the Saturday (Salcedo) & Sunday (Legaspi ) markets in Makati? I was in one yesterday (Sunday) and wow! it was very refreshing paseo. I knew I'd find fresh produce, freshly cooked food and some usual market staples.. But boy! they had much more than usual, there were delightful surprises I found..

For one, I'm sure you'd love to have these ethnic food keepers . Some are rectangular, some round and they come in several colors and designs. They really spruce up any dish you put in them especially in those Sunday family gatherings.. I just love them. It came from Indonesia but i found them in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur too. They are precious finds..
There are many other finds, but be prepared to say NO!! to impulse buying. I suggest you go there to look around and then plan your purchases well.. And dont forget to try the Indian food too, and the French.. and oh yes! the japanese pancakes hahaha..

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