Friday, December 19, 2008

Kasambahay Christmas Party

I attended the kasambahay party yesterday in one of my clients' residence. The party organizer was our security guard Benjie whowhile eating, emceeing, singing and dancing (he's good at this!) and participating in the games would also run to pick up the phone and attend to the gate hahaha.. We had a feast meal cooked by the best cook of Tomas st--Delia. The kasambahays came wearing their best, after finishing the morning tasks that is..

Benjie prepared a program with an opening invocation and inspirational speech, then 5 sets of parlor games..
Gift giving then followed, wow! look at those big boxes! you'd love to come home with such gifts.

After the party the drivers have to get back to work to deliver more gifts, staff had to clean up.. But with huge smiles on their faces, we did enjoy ourselves, it was great bonding for the entire staff. Til next year..

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