Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patron for House Work

"A lighted lamp  tells the story of Dora del Hoyo,  a woman who entered domestic service in the 1940s as a servant in a private home. She came to see that God was calling her to follow Him in her chosen profession, and she asked to join Opus Dei as a numerary assistant. She thus became the first of many women who would, by means of their work, spread the idea of the sanctification of ordinary work around the world and to every level of society." (doradelhoyo.org). The book is written by Javier Medina Bayo, based on the testimony of Dora's family and those who lived with her. 
All the testimonies about her life affirm that Dora carried out her domestic work with the competence of a first-class professional. She mastered every aspect of that work and exercised it at the highest level. Below is a favor granted through her intercession.

 I have four children who are 8, 6, 5, and 3 years old. For two months I had been looking for someone to help me with the housework and the children. Discouraged, I told my mother-in-law that the next morning I was going to call a girl without any references. She gave me the prayer card and she told me, “Ask Dora and she will help you.”  Not very convinced, I did pray to her that night. The girl turned out to be an excellent worker, educated, willing, cheerful, patience and affectionate with the children. I am very grateful.
P.S. In my city it is very difficult to find someone who can care for a home responsibly and, above all and most importantly, who is good with children. Many thanks!    L.S.F.  Argentina


I myself received a favor from Dora. I prayed through her intercession for my Visa application to be approved and be released in time for my flight. I lodged my visa application at the last minute due to completion of required documents. I was told that processing time will take a month, which meant it won't be out before my flight booking!! (I grabbed the airine Chinese new year sale and booked my flight ahead). Three days before the flight schedule, I called the Visa center and was told that my application was still being processed. I asked Dora to help expedite it since I am going to study to become a professional butler which was her profession. I also promised her that I will disseminate her prayercard. The next morning, I got a call from the embassy that my visa application has been approved;  and was delivered on the same day!! I love Dora and I believe she should be canonized as patron saint for all who work and care for the home!!


  1. Sana she also grant my request... CONGRATS Libai... enjoy ur trip...study well mahal tuition fee =D

    1. hahaha, Thanks Kat.. Yes I will study hard.And will also pray that she intercedes for your intention..