Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i just came from a retreat (much needed one after all the running around). It's a kinda pre Christmas preparation as well as good year-ender activity and I'm glad i found time to retreat and reflect. Well, before I give you a homily, I actually wanted to post how great a place Tagaytay Conference Center, TCC, is.

This is the very regal chapel which exudes all the solemnity and peace and holiness of a house of God. Every detail is well taken care of and super clean. I took this photo from the loft so you don't see the pews for the faithful. It has great black and white marble stone floors, The base of the altar is Onyx and contains the relic of St. Josemaria Escriva, Founder of Opus Dei. The ante Oratory has a small pocket garden with a water feature and confessionals where you can seek help from the spiritual director. And it contains a select and good number of spiritual reading books. The peace and solemnity of the Oratory helps in meditation. The seats are comfy enough even if you want to spend a long time in there tho not comfy enough to put you to sleep hahaha.. The scenes depicted on the altarpiece are taken from the Passion of Christ.

This is TCC lobby, very elegant. The sound of water from the fountain is a soothing background music which helps one to relax. The other photos shows the various hallways and corners of TCC.
i took a photo of this corner table to show you at his elegant box which actually contains repair/suggestion/ guest feedback slips. All rooms have names after the different major provinces of the Philippines, and even the laundry, cleaning closets and toilets (fish image) have room names. It really helps not to get lost if its your first time in TCC. My room's name was Samal in the region of Davao.

These small details everywhere are what really caught my attention. Its not a very luxurious place, but its very well frunished, simple yet good taste and done so well. My next post will show you some more areas of TCC..


  1. the center is designed according to green architecture principles --- lots of natural light and breeze =)

    1. Thanks, for more green architecture, check out GREY WATER RECYCLING at http://homeact.blogspot.com/2012/02/greywater-recycling-home-edition.html and ROOF GARDEN http://homeact.blogspot.com/2012/02/greywater-recycling-home-edition.html