Thursday, April 26, 2012

Owning up and rockin it!!

Are you alright? Is anything the matter with you? Naaahh.. am just growin old . Change is uncomfortable, there is some anxious resistance to the new, some kind of attachment to the old. Predictability isn't me, change is my cup of tea and it comes so naturallly, at times accidentally or beware,  even impulsively.
Case in point: my recent butler training exposed me to the awesome professional butler world and I'm lovin it totally. And I came back home a changed soul - owning up to the outlook and the look of a new me who's been hiding in my bohemian skirts and gypsy tops.
Ive been in search for a defining work uniform and been unsuccessful perhaps because I couldnt't define myself too. Once I found my definition, I found the ONE, combined with the right updo and clean shoes- it's been calling all attention from the bosses, staff, friends, romans and countrymen lend me your eyes!! They all like it and I rockin like it too!!
Some resist wearing uniforms because their self expression is stifled by looking like just one more and they lose themselves while wearing it.  Outfits are like fairy wands, it transforms the princess and the ugly duckling, it effects a change in the person and in those around him. It's almost magical.  Likewise, work outfits shouldn't be fancy, it must be defining, exact responsibility, command respect, motivate and inspire awe.That must be the reason why its called uniform - it gives a vague and amorphous common one distinctive form and structure.
Yea am growin old and rockin it too!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Got Served!!

I GOT SERVED!!  Yes folks I got served! not a subpoena but a very personal and disinterested service.. its priceless. I was on a long road trip this morning at the expressway northbound when I had to stop by the gas station for toilet break. The powder room girl opened the door for me with a huge smile on her face and a booming good morning Ma'am. She noticed that I was looking for some toilet papers, so she readily hands me a pack. She also lead me to the vacant cubicle which had enough space for my bags. While  I was inside the toilet, I could hear her greeting the other guests coming in in the same way. It felt good, she made my day, I gave her a tip when I left and will commend her to the gas service station for such good service.

On my way back home from the trip, I was cruising sounthbound direction in the same expressway when  I noticed the car's temperature gauge was beyond the normal range so I stopped at the nearest emergency stop to check the radiator water, It was a very hot day and my car was parked for 3 hours under the heat of the noonday sun. The highway patrol came to help soon as they saw my flashing lights, true enough, the radiator needed some water refill. They assisted me and made sure I would reach my destination without the car over heating.  The team chief also gave me their emergency number should I need help. I wanted to give them some tip but the guys politely declined saying it was their duty to assist road users. Wow, two inspiring service experiences today, priceless.

I thought they were very personal and disinterested service and that made the difference. They attended to "me", they were happy to assist me, they were talking to me and looking after my needs as if they had been waiting there for me and just for me. Great, mabuhay!!

Caring for Suitcase

Love to travel?  Invest in good quality suitcase, and know how to care for them.  Suitcases come in all sizes and colors and styles! Choosing the right suitcase is a very personal one – (1)  I would give priority to weight, less than 3K would be good, I just came from a month trip to Australia and you bet how I appreciated light weight suitcases!!; (2)  quality comes next, I mean secure zips and sturdy wheels and handles; (3) then shape, I prefer rectangular ones than the duffle bag-types because packing is easier,I also do not want too many outer pockets, I don’t need them;  (4) size will then depend on how long my trip is, although I am not inclined to get the big ones, I am a travel light type.

Immediately after a trip, clean - disinfect your suitcase even before carrying them inside your room. Handling and cargo storage in the plane mean dust and dirt and bugs and pests and germs deposited onto your suitcase. Although they may not pose health danger, you do not want to bring in bugs and insects into your homes with your luggage! It is no rocket science to clean and disinfect bags- thoroughly wipe the outer surface with cloth moistened with disinfectant.

After unpacking, check all pockets to remove all your stuff and damp wipe interiors. Check for damage – zips, wheels, handles, lining. Many good quality brands have 5 years to lifetime warranty to replace worn wheels, broken handles, mend tears etc.
Then you may want to leave some freshening cloth inside your luggage to keep them smelling fresh while stored. Have a safe and fun trip always!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Australian Butler School Experience!!

After two years of analyzing the pros and cons of the different butler schools plus other factors worth considering (acquiring a visa..), I finally decided to go to the Australian Butler School for my Household Management Certification. Inspite of several questions/doubts in mind- there is never an ideal situation- I flew to Melbourne to participate in the March 2012 batch of the ABS.
It was a worthwhile trip and value for money! Days of serious classes and nights of assessment-completion made up an intense 4-week integrated course that makes every participant capable and confident in running a household. I admit, I didn't go there "tabula rasa" (blank slate) I came equipped with formidable experience in household administration. My expectations were high. My 4-week experience gave me the refinement I most wanted in every skill I thought I knew well. I didn't expect to learn many new things (although yes I did..), I didn't expect to know the latest technology involved with household management, all I wanted was to learn the art of butler service- "silent and seamless" as the motto of the Australian Butler goes. Every class and assessment taught me the history, the science- with a smothering of common sense, the art and the joy of every skill and life of a professional butler.
I fell more in love with my work, with this service in the home, with the industry I belong to. Vale la pena.. It is worthwhile. Thanks to the Australian Butler School!!