Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bathroom/all purpose cleanser

Thanks Vina, you gave me an idea to talk about my magic scrub. Easy Scrub is a mild abrasive tub and tile cream cleanser with mint fragrance. Product literature tells you Easy Scrub is excellent for removing stubborn spots, soap scum build-up, scuffs, grease, rubber marks & numerous other tough cleansing jobs. In lay mum's term it cleans those white stains that coat your bathroom tiles and tub, your stainless fixtures and rust stains in your toilet bowl- these stains are water minerals deposits plus soap deposits due to daily use. Bleach and detergents and even branded cleansers wont take this away. Mineral stain is removed with acidic cleaner but since acidic cleaners may not be so safe for health and hands, Ecolab offers Easy Scrub which combines the abrasive ingredients with a mild acid component to make cleaning and scrubbing effective yet safe for your hands (Note: it may still cause skin irritations depending on exposure!! I suggest use of hand gloves when doing tough jobs).

When removing tough stains, apply small amounts of pure (don't dilute) easy scrub to a soft sponge (never use green or black scrubbing pad on wash basins, toilet bowls or glass shower enclosures as it may scratch finish). Don't apply easy scrub directly onto surface as it may cause white spots. Use gentle but constant scrubbing motion until sponge slides smoothly on surface. Clean one small area at a time. Rinse and dry surface. For maintenance, you may dilute easy scrub for daily use.

I have tried using easy scrub to restore stainless steel fixtures, plastic (mono block chairs), removing scratches/smudges on painted walls (homes with nice white/solid colored painted concrete walls), even gloss painted wooden surface, stained laminated surface. and my great secret.. i clean my white car with it to remove weather stains and keep it white. BUT>>>> this will have to be done with great care.. You'll agree with me that wash your car shops can't remove this color dullness unless you pay for car detailing service. Easy Scrub does it.. i do it once a month. and Steve Jobs might not agree with me, but i remove stubborn smudges on my white macbook with it HAHAHA.. tho GREAT CARE NEEDED.. meaning, very small amount, very delicate microfiber cloth, and extra gentle unidirectional motion on stained area. (Not on screen okay?)

And power cables, electric fans, window glass, - any non-porous surface. When in doubt, try a small amount in a inconspicuous area first. Let me know how it works for you..


  1. hi libai! i love easy scrub's effect on our bathroom! will post pics of this soon!

  2. hi again, libai! i used easy scrub to clean the dashboard/interior of my old car (before i sold it to my sister in law) and discovered the this dashboard was colored gray pala and not BLACK as i thought it was. grabeng luminis talaga yung car --- i should have added at least 1 thousand more to my selling price! hahaha.

  3. Hi Libai! Where can I get Easy Scrub? :)