Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dream Moment with Filipino Sculptor Jerusalino V. Araos

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY PHILIPPINES!!  I thought of writing today about one of Philippines pride Maestro Jerry Araos. 
What a great way to celebrate with a dream moment yesterday afternoon with  sculptor, gardener and writer. The Artist Jerusalino Araos better known as "Jerry Araos".  His works, his words and his company enchanted me. The whole viewing experience is not only meant for the eyes but for all the senses, refreshingly uplifting..  A Filipino pride!
Mr Jerusalino Araos in his workshop
Mr. Jerry utilizes old weathered wood, planks, beams, stairs, architectural relics from demolished houses, and tree trunk debris to create beautiful and functional works of art.  Upon entering his living room, my eyes focused on the 4 pieces (white, black, yellow and green) of Mitra chairs -purchased in Germany- in a sea of wooden furniture and art works. Mr. Jerry proudly says his chairs are non atrocious, practically functional but artistically and highly crafted typical of Jerry’s sense of aesthetics like the "luklukan" (shown below) and the "laklakan" which by the way everyone agrees is best for back massage chairs. 

Luklukan Chair
Just what is a non atrocious chair? Mr. Jerry gives us a lecture. Mr. The carved seat of the luklukan allows the lap to fall away from the torso. This allows the person to breathe deeply even when seated and prevents the compression of the internal organs when the lap is perpendicular or at a more acute angle to the torso. The forelegs of the sculpture are positioned to allow the sitter’s feet to align with the body’s center of gravity. This forces the sitter to support himself on the sitbones, straighten the spine and thus relieve the lower back of stress. The pre-eroded form of the seat eases the constriction of the femoral arteries on the thigh. The back is supported by a curved backrest. Used as a chair, the sculpture affords a feeling of well-being. The renewed awareness of the body lends a sense of personal power to the sitter.
LOL!  Araos crafted Desktop & Work Station
 His furniture uses pegs, no nails!! Hand in hand with the sculptural integrity of the works is the ergonomic design of the chairs. The work station you see above include a wooden framed desktop monitor and CPU ( by his son Julian).
Body in flight
Above work carved from calantas describes Sir Jerry's work,  the grains you see are the natural wood grain as if copying the muscles of the upper torso, then going in circles around the butt area, then went straight down at the femur . Jerry says "the material has its own jargon, and I allow that to be expressed as intimately as possible". When we asked him what can he make out of a piece of wood, he says "I don't know, I have to ask the wood first. The sculptor must not impose his  ego over the material. I ask it "where is the body in you? and when i carve, the guides my tools, ouchh! not there!... over here.." Enchanting!!
Dining Table 
  The dining table above provides space for bog bossomed ladies or pot-belllied gentlemen (LOL!) 

 The Araos works are sculpted and finished in and out, top and bottom.