Thursday, May 28, 2009


What should be the cleanest part of your house? The cleaning rooms! It is most uncommon to find one in a house because we always forget to plan for it, even architects and engineers forget about this (because they are mostly or more often men who do not realize the need for one). That is why more often than not, I find brooms, mops and dustpans piled at the back of the house while vacuum cleaners are left at end of hallways or under the stairs. I've seen beautifully appointed luxurious homes with bathroom brush and sponges under the sink basin. Ouch!!
Even if you have limited space, plan for a utility room to gather and keep all your cleaning supplies and implements, a 1sqmeter area will do. Install hooks for brooms and mops and at least one shelf for rugs and supplies. There you can post cleaning assignments, calendats and reminders. Your implements even last longer when kept clean and orderly, as well as making your inventory easy. Remember, cleanliness starts from clean implements.


Carpet rugs gives warmth to cold bare floors and lend depth to rather boring surfaces. But not even the most expensive rug will look great if left dirty, covered with dust and worse, splattered with stains.
Vacuum all rugs at least once a week, and more often if it is located in heavy traffic areas, like iin entrances, lobbies, hallways. It is also good to vacuum under the rug at least once a month. Vacuuming prevents heavy soiling as well as harboring dust mites which may cause allergies. Dust and accumulated dirt make carpet pile stick together, thus carpet loose its fluff.
Stains and spills must be treated immediately. Allowing them to get embedded more deeply may make removal harder and even destroy the rug.
When maintained this way, shampooing may be scheduled from once a year to two times a year when necessary. Get a reliable cleaner to care for your rugs especially of they are delicate ones.