Friday, June 26, 2009


My job  affords me to see many beautiful bathrooms, unfortunately several of which have been ruined by careless maintenance. One comon problem is the unsightly ring stains formed by water stains and toilet tank that has accumulated dirt and rust. This dirt is carried by the water that flows from it and get deposited to your toilet bowls. These stains build up little by little especially in guest rooms that are not regularly used.

Since the mineral stains are alkaline by nature, mild cleaners are best solution to get rid of it. I recommend Lemon Eze by Ecolab. Check out this link on how to use it - Bathroom Cleaner
Note: do not use abrasives and use gentle scrubbing action. Use Lemon Eze to restore and to maintain your fixtures.


I've visited these 3 churches/chapels (Cathedral @Nasugbo, Tagaytay Conference Center and the famous Betis Church-the "Sistine Chapel of the Philippines") these past month and I was impressed!! They are all impressively clean, congratulations!! I was tempted to say unbelievably clean... and yes, it led me to pray better. Wish I could give Cleaning training course to the housekeepers of the different Churches.. WOW! I This Master of the House deserve every care and attention to details we could give Him. Call me and I'll be readily available to do that.

Bag of Beans -Tagaytay

If you happen to be in Tagaytay, do drop by Bag of Beans, its less than 500m away from the Mendez intersection. Photos speak for the quaint ambiance of the place. And they offer good food from breakfast to big meals plus they have good bread available in the pastry shop. Check out this link

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leather Furniture Care

Leather furniture are a good investment choice and must be properly cared for, cleaned and conditioned. Keep away leather furniture from direct light source - sun or indoor lighting or any source of heat to prevent it from fading, drying out and cracking. Before any attempt to clean your beautiful leather furniture, it is important to determine the type of leather yyou have. You can find this information on the tags that came with your furniture or in the written material provided by the furniture dealer or manufacturer. Care begins with vacuuming the piece of furniture regularly making sure to use the soft brush accessory because genuine leather scratches easily. Adjust the suction power on your vacuum to moderate to prevent leaving marks on the leather.

When your furniture begin to feel dry then it's time to nourish it. Dip your soft cleaning rag in the soapy water (use mild soap) and wring out thoroughly. Test a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture first. Working one section at a time, wipe the surface of the furniture with the rag. Then wipe away the soap residue with a clean damp rag (no soap). Dry thoroughly with the dry rag and buff to restore luster. Treat the surface with leather protector/conditioner as per product instructions.

Remember, if you have any doubt as to the proper way to clean your leather furniture; do not hesitate to call a professional.


Rainy season is here... Expect rain! It is time to clean any debris from the gutters and eaves troughs and downspouts and ensure water flows away from the house. It is good to put this on This month's to do checklist especially when the leaves have all fallen, as they all manage to end up in your gutters!

It is also an recommended to install gutter covers to keep leaves and debris out!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I always organized books by subject. I never imagined organizing book by color would look this cool. Follow this link and you'll find lots more ideas for home design.

Monday, June 15, 2009

WANTED Family Cook

How professional can family cooks get? If I were to rank the skills level requirement for household staff, cooks always rank top of the list. Homes can get by with less skilled (by this, i don't mean unskilled) housekeepers or lavandera.. but cooks have to be really good because they are so important in providing joy in family living. A good meal goes a long long way. A famous Italian quote says, When the body is well, the soul dances.
I've met cook Delia who can whip up moderately complicated fare with a smile on her lips and so much expertise and passion in her hands. Her menu today was seafood soup tomato based,broccoli-asparagus sauteed in garlic, fish and chips, steamed fish, cauliflower gratin, carbonara and wagyu hamburger. The last two dishes were ordered just right before meal time. How much are you willing to pay for a good cook? Where do we find cooks like Delia.


Although flavor is most important, however simple the dish may be, you will agree with me that a fancy napkin fold, a pleasantly garnished plate or clean, gleaming utensils well placed on the table decorated with some flower arrangement always spruce up a meal and makes it a tad more appetizing. My eyes feasts on a well laid table. Along with culinary skills, these are simple skills staff can learn in domestic staff training centers that can further enhance their expertise. You spend a modest training fee and the result is so delightful for the entire family. Where do we find these precious cooks? They are becoming rare because very few are patient enough to invest in home grown chefs. Delia was a caregiver when she started working in the home and with her employer's patience, she bloomed to be what she is now. Invest in training your helps. Remember, It's your family that benefits in the end.


I love Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Manual. It is a comprehensve resource for managing the upkeep of your house wether big or small or multiple properties. It discusses beautifully yet completely the proper upkeep of every part of the house, room by room. The photos and graphics are very good. I am a professional housekeeper and home manager and this book gives me every information I need for my job. It is very useful and a must have especially for very large or multiple properties. It also contains information on Air Quality, Electricity, Home Security and Safety, Pest Control and more. There is a materials guide at the end that gives detailed basic care guidelines for several precious belongings which you may have and would definitely need tender loving care. It's available at


Had fun last Friday night . Started with a pleasant walk along Baywalk

Our boat looked safe and stable, lol. We took the 6:45pm trip, the entire trip takes an hour and travelling @14knots around the MOA area.

Inside the Cruise boat. Its double decker boat, with an enclosed airconditioned section, an open view deck where you get fresh sea air.. They don't serve any food so we brought some pizza to enjoy the cruise.

This is the coastline view of Manila, you'll see the outline of Mall of Asia and the Boulevard.

Fireworks starts at 7PM