Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas without Indulgence Isn't Christmas

Two parties down, 3 more to go!! This week I attended two Christmas parties we organized ( with employers) for our household staff. I am so happy to see house helps really enjoyed it. In the first one, the principals contracted a caterer to prepare a lavish dinner and organized games with prizes for the staff. We also asked the staff to invite their families to join the party - it was nice meeting their spouses and children! In the party last night, it was the employers kids who played game masters and judges during the parlor games!! Funny thing is the kids coach their nannies to get the correct answers!! Ahahaha...

In both parties, the staff were so happy apart from the good food and gifts and prizes, by the affection of their employers organizing a party for them and joining them for the dinner and even being emcees and game masters for them to enjoy the night.

We in the service industry -more particularly in the private service-, are all very busy these days I know! I've got more than dozens of parties and dinners and lunch and breakfasts ( we run out of dinners days) with guests to prepare for principals families, friends, company employees, high school classmates, MBA batch mates, club mates, politicians, even bishops and seminarians! And I see the excitement ( buying new serving shoes) and the adrenalin rush (from preparing centerpieces, broiling the lechon de leches (broiled young pig) and endless cleaning and washing table linen... How do we survive Christmas!

Indulgence during this festive season is more enjoyable when it comes in the form of caring and giving affection and time.. Gifts and prizes, material rewards like gadgets and clothing and good food give color to the season, but love gives it warmth that goes through the heart and is manifested in the twinkling eyes..

And rightly deserved by the people who care for us daily!!!