Thursday, December 31, 2009


One of my most important learnings this 2009 goes this way " hindsight is always 20/20" Heard it from a Catholic priest. As we look back to the year about to pass, we might find ourselves thinking i could have done that, i shoudn't have said that, I could have, and so goes our coulds and woulds...Hindsight has the advantage of a more complete information and insights from a number of sources which we may not have had the luxury of at the moment we took that decision, that action, those moments of conversations or discussion.

At the end of the day, what matters is we did the best we could with the information on hand and available. This 2010 is another shot we've got at this journey. It is worth our while to be informed, easily accessible technologically; however have time to reflect and study the thousand available information so as to possess the right convictions so that all our 2009 hindsights become 2010 insights; which then become our guiding principles at every twist and turn of life. To my dear bloggers HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Step Ahead!!

What can you say about these wooden step stools or step ladders? Don't they look good for indoor use? You can leave them in the library, wardrobe or walk in closets, home office and they seem part of your furniture. Thus you would'nt need to carry them in and out of your room. These are home made ladders which i found in one of my clients' home.

I definitely like them over those steel step stools commercially available. Yes they serve well for utility purposes - in the kitchen, garage or while doing home repairs. However, you'll agree with me, they look ugly inside your beautiful home.

These wooden ladders are a great home idea i recommend!

Chandeliers with an ooomph!

Tagaytay Conference Center chandeliers  VERSUS Normal chandelier installation

I thought it's good to share this with you as it caught my attention that every chandelier and ceiling lamp in Tagaytay Conference Center were installed with a lamp base attached to the ceiling. Chandeliers were not really gorgeous but that detail added such fine taste to them. As compared to the very expensive chandelier in the next pic. Good idea.

Tribute to flip flops!

That's my mom's 89 year old feet on flip flops too!! every cool dude and cool babe and cool granmas!! wear them everywhere - in the malls, in parks, in the beach, even in church ( i don't say I approve this last one)! The once informal super dressed down footwear has been glorified! Back in my time, hahaha! that is supposed to be worn only in the bathroom or when we play hide and seek or any rough street games outdoors (you do remember that right? oh come on) or....

.....or at home which we use to change from street shoes to keep our homes clean.. Oooh real cool!! talking about preventive cleaning programs, apart from, i guess better than or okay supplements walk off mats.. is to have these nowadays glorified home footwear! It's the most natural thing to do in Japan, and in most homes in the Philippines ( we actually remove our shoes and walk barefoot inside the house to keep floors clean and shiny!!). Then just how do you deal with guests? Here's one idea from a client..

Imaginaton and creativity huh! Pretty pairs of flipflops (YES! clean and sanitized too!) on a boat-like wooden container by the door ready for house guests, but quietly, subtly suggested. Then beside it is a nice native cabinet where you can keep your street shoes temporarily. This is very creative, hip, and very clever preventive cleaning system.

Our street footwear carry dust and dirt and sand which you carry inside the house if you don't install some preventive systems - a floor mat (walk off matting) which come i homey designs too unlike the rubber mats you find in the buildings! and these glorious house footwear!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

May we be bearers of good news so that we may inspire hope in each one we meet.

We've all been thru a lot of things this year and inspite of it all, we are here: standing. I guess the trials we've been through are sensational but i believe it is outweighed by the many small blessings sprinkled here and there, inspiring hope in us to keep moving on. Together with the materials blessings are a number of friendly affection and support, smiles and words of appeciation from loved ones and clients as well, unspoken thank you's from those we've offered help or companionship, laughters, and many more each one of us know about. There are lots of good news to thank God for and inspire hope..

I want to bear only good news from this time on.

Friday, December 18, 2009


A client had just acquired genuine beautiful persian rugs and is making sure they are properly cared for. It is surprising that even new rugs are really dusty, I guess dust accumulate during manufacturing, handling, storage and in the showroom as well. I wish manufacturers would clean it thoroughly before delivery.

How do we care for oriental rug? First care tip is to use a plastic foam cushion pad under it to protect from wear and keeps it in place too. Next come daily cleaning. Carpet acts like a trap, keeping dust and allergens out of the air we breathe. Simply put, what falls to the carpet (dust, pet dander and many other particulates that we breathe in) tends to stay trapped in the carpet until it is removed through vacuuming or extraction cleaning (CRInstitute).

For daily care, use soft counter brush to remove dust and to prevent piling. Twice a month, you may use a vacuum using the nozzle with care and avoid using the beater brush - motor driven rotating bush- as it can hasten wear. Beater brush remove a small amount of pile with each use and can destroy fringe in no time. Move the nozzle in one direction slowly with the grain of the rug. A back and forth motion potentially damages the rug's sheen. Quarterly it would be advisable to vacuum the under side of the rag, pad and floor under, this prevents pest infestation too.

I learned you must rotate carpet 180 deg once in a year or two to even out any sun fading if exposed to direct sunlight. Window sunscreens must always be drawn when the sun hits furniture and upholsteries as oultraviolet rays can cause wear and fading in no time. Rotating carpet rug would minimize wear from traffic patterns and from furniture marks too. If scheduled, male staff can assist in case of heavy furniture and caroet rug.

Properly cared for, genuine oriental rug can last a long time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WOW! I Smell Christmas..

We can smell Christmas everywhere. our streets are decked with humongous pots of beautiful poinsettias and lit with lamps made of native bells and balls. Buildings along the business district have brought out their Nativity scene and malls are playing out Chrismas carols. And this is done every year right after the Halloween! I guess lots of planning and logistics add to the already full day of our facilities maintenance people.

Moms are just as busy since it's also a time for parties and get togethers which means lots of cleaning and decorating to prepare the house to welcome guests. We've just bought our new Christmas tree since we had to replace our geriatric tree. After a long discussion, we decided on a narrow golden tree for a change, not green but YES "green" -more environmental since we don't need to put much lights and it's of organic material. And our theme is copper and gold, WOW!

Family meals are more elaborate too. The turkey, the dining wares and the little details of dressing up our water pitchers all to express the extra special meaning of these days.

Inspite of all the "works" everywhere, Christmas brings excitement and caring warmth to everyone which is all what the first Christmas was all about anyway. It's a MERRY CHRISTMAS soon...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Festive Dining Chargers

I've found these chargers very festive and surely do wonder to any dining table set up. Charger or service plate is a larger plate placed underneath your dinner plate to keep spills off the tablecloth during the soup, salad and main courses.

Pulire Asia 2009

Pulire Asia 2009 recently concluded the Cleaning Solutions Conference and expo in Suntec Singapore.

One of my favorite exhibit was these portable disposable and soon compostible loos useful for campsites, festivals, etc. by Michael Fels of Brown Corporation, UK. You may get in touch with him at

With John Laws of Handl Consultancy of Australia who gave the talk on the Green Trend in Australia. Photo is courtesy of Alan Hardcastle of INClean magazine.

The chiefs of the Asian cleaning industry in a round table discussion and forum regarding Cleaning Industry Outlook in Asia.