Saturday, August 30, 2008


Foot bridge to go to Tita Adel's farm..

Her mango grove....

I love these Gazebos...

Flowers, fruit trees and foliage...

Gosh.. a farm to die for! 23 hectares of mango orchard and still growing. And guys, it all started out as a hobby, Tita Adel Batac was shown this wild parcel of land and fell in love with it. She wasnt an agriculturist but she had a vision!!

Make the story short, she bought the land inspite of hubby's resistance , studied some Agronomy subjects (one condition, no exam sir!), she tilled the land and lo.. She is exporting mangoes to Japan. Tita Adel is such a fun person, so young looking, bubbly. She sang, danced, laughed and entertained us.. and prepared a wonderful meal, what else can u ask for.

Her place is heaven.. i like the gazebos, she has four of them. Lots of flowers and foliage. She lends her place to a University for some Agricultural experiments. This is a farm i like, i can stay here forever -just connect me to a wifi..

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