Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KIitchen Organizers for Small Spaces

Organizing akitchen does not always involve costly renovations. Some simple organizing products will do the job and maximize those cabinets and drawers that came along with your house. Below are some ideas,  I found these things in IKEA. Many home depots like Howard, Make Room, Muji will carry these products as well. They come in different sizes and styles to suit your kitchen and pantry needs.

Stemware Holder
This is a stem ware organizer. This allows you to store stemware upside down preventing dust and dirt from accumulating inside the cabinet. It also allows you to store more stemware as it uses the upper space. It is also safe on the glass mouth.

Stacking Shelf
Most architects and engineers are tall male specie and they do not understand the functions of kitchen drawers and cabinets, So if you do not work closely with them during construction or if you acquired your house, case is you will have cabinets spaces that does not suit your needs.
For tall cabinet shelves, this stacking shelf provides solution, dividing tall spaces into two so you can stack more dinnerware or glassware or grocery items neatly and maximizing the space inside your cabinets or shelves.

I like the design of this dinnerware cabinet. It is located on top of the sink counter, within easy hand reach. It stores your daily used dinnerware neatly.

Flatware Organizer
This flatware organizer is a MUST. It comes in different sizes to fit different pantry drawers.

Go and visit your nearest home depot and check out the items that will suit your needs.

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