Friday, August 15, 2008

You need a Home Manager

French call them majordome  or Butlers  in the British isles, in American tradition- home managers.. any which ways, the are responsible for the management oh the household which is typically large residence. They manage the cleaning and maintenance, kitchen, laundry and all other in house or outsourced household services . Family life has become so complex especially for a large household that the role of household manager has been much needed to assist the mothers who are working.
They act as point person in your house such that all the household needs and services are coordinated and tasks are delegated efficiently among the household staff for a smooth service delivery. Without a trained supervising mayordoma, your typical kasambahay will carry on with their own tasks and not coordinate among themselves, and would require your time and focus to do the coordination. Seem so normal and easy to do, unless you, housewife, are busy with an 8-hour professional work. So many things happen through out the day at home that you only know too well- school projects and extra curricular  of kids, driver coordination, emergencies, guests, bills to pay, appliance needing repair, parties to plan, doctor appointments,... etc.  To add to that you have a new house maid or two went on day off.. oh dear ..
If you've got the time, well and good for you, if not, get a well trained household manager for you peace of mind.  One good tip, have a logbook to input all your bilins (daily concerns) for your mayordoma to take note of and at the end of the day, she can note down day's update and accomplishments.. Can tell you more about this topic in my next blog..

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