Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Trust worthiness should be on top of the list. You would be entrusting your home to her, that includes the very important responsibility of recruiting your household staff. We are living in present day where we have heard so many incidents of household robberies, big and small. We do not want bad elements inside our homes and should there be any, our home manager should be able to detect and prevent any untoward incident.
Love for the Family and Home and all home tasks. The responsibility of taking part in the upbringing of a family is a great privilege and honor that it should manifest in the joy in carrying out ones task lovingly and gracefully. How i love to see a home manager who is so refined and sophisticated in doing her job you would think you are watching Lifestyle network... Care for details, for little things, love for fine things.. these are signs of a home manager who is a treasure!!
Handling people well is another important quality. She should be able to manage your staff, win their confidence and continually motivate them in carrying out their tasks efficiently and rally them in times of big events. I should add that she must put a premium in the concern for continuous development of her staff and their well being.
Professionalism and Technical skills can never be lacking because that is how you win the respect of your entire staff. That includes punctuality, preparedness, physical grooming, and basic knowledge in all aspects of running the home. The work in the home is a profession and must be carried out scientifically and artistically.
There are many other qualities you might want in home manager, but these are most important to every housewife.

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