Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Rooftop farm and Vertical Garden

My favorite part of the house is the rooftop farm. We initially planned to have a rooftop garden in order to save energy, cool the house, and contribute in our own small way to the greening of our earth. However, botanist introduced the idea of making it a functional garden - a vegetable garden at the rooftop! We have never grown vegestable and couldnt even imagine it in the rooftop.  Here are photos of our newly installed vertical rooftop garden. It was installed in December and we are now harvesting from it. 
Botanist Drawing of rooftop garden

Staircase to the rooftop garden

Facing the street, deorative plants grow, but inside the roof garden is an herb garden and on flat beds are mixture of salad greens, hot peppers, carrots and fiesta variety.

Our botanist used his own soil composition

Carrots, hot pepper, lolo rossa and green lettuce will later sprout from the flat beds 

Choco Mint

Spearmint.. i love this

Manual Drip irrigation coming from our recycled water tank \
(See grey water recycling  in my blog)

Sweet Basil

Rectangular flat bar structure holds the plant basket made of jute material that served as container for the soil medium


I have always seen amazing gardens in magazines. i never thought, I will enjoy one myself. Come and see!!


  1. Libai,
    I love, love , love your site and the great use of space and recycling materials. Please keep me posted of future plans or ideas. You rock!!!

    1. : ) thanks Harold.. best regards from Manila..

  2. Hi!

    I'm Mitch Mauricio, the editor of MyHome magazine. We'd love to feature your roof garden! Kindly let me know where I can email or call you to further discuss the feature. My email is mitch.mauricio@gmail.com. Thanks! :)