Thursday, April 26, 2012

Owning up and rockin it!!

Are you alright? Is anything the matter with you? Naaahh.. am just growin old . Change is uncomfortable, there is some anxious resistance to the new, some kind of attachment to the old. Predictability isn't me, change is my cup of tea and it comes so naturallly, at times accidentally or beware,  even impulsively.
Case in point: my recent butler training exposed me to the awesome professional butler world and I'm lovin it totally. And I came back home a changed soul - owning up to the outlook and the look of a new me who's been hiding in my bohemian skirts and gypsy tops.
Ive been in search for a defining work uniform and been unsuccessful perhaps because I couldnt't define myself too. Once I found my definition, I found the ONE, combined with the right updo and clean shoes- it's been calling all attention from the bosses, staff, friends, romans and countrymen lend me your eyes!! They all like it and I rockin like it too!!
Some resist wearing uniforms because their self expression is stifled by looking like just one more and they lose themselves while wearing it.  Outfits are like fairy wands, it transforms the princess and the ugly duckling, it effects a change in the person and in those around him. It's almost magical.  Likewise, work outfits shouldn't be fancy, it must be defining, exact responsibility, command respect, motivate and inspire awe.That must be the reason why its called uniform - it gives a vague and amorphous common one distinctive form and structure.
Yea am growin old and rockin it too!


  1. David Bertnick, IAPSPApril 27, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    Libai - you look GREAT in a bowtie! Such a beautiful smile, too. Rock on!

    1. Loved that bowtie David, makes anyone look smart. thanks for the generous words.