Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Got Served!!

I GOT SERVED!!  Yes folks I got served! not a subpoena but a very personal and disinterested service.. its priceless. I was on a long road trip this morning at the expressway northbound when I had to stop by the gas station for toilet break. The powder room girl opened the door for me with a huge smile on her face and a booming good morning Ma'am. She noticed that I was looking for some toilet papers, so she readily hands me a pack. She also lead me to the vacant cubicle which had enough space for my bags. While  I was inside the toilet, I could hear her greeting the other guests coming in in the same way. It felt good, she made my day, I gave her a tip when I left and will commend her to the gas service station for such good service.

On my way back home from the trip, I was cruising sounthbound direction in the same expressway when  I noticed the car's temperature gauge was beyond the normal range so I stopped at the nearest emergency stop to check the radiator water, It was a very hot day and my car was parked for 3 hours under the heat of the noonday sun. The highway patrol came to help soon as they saw my flashing lights, true enough, the radiator needed some water refill. They assisted me and made sure I would reach my destination without the car over heating.  The team chief also gave me their emergency number should I need help. I wanted to give them some tip but the guys politely declined saying it was their duty to assist road users. Wow, two inspiring service experiences today, priceless.

I thought they were very personal and disinterested service and that made the difference. They attended to "me", they were happy to assist me, they were talking to me and looking after my needs as if they had been waiting there for me and just for me. Great, mabuhay!!

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