Monday, June 15, 2009

WANTED Family Cook

How professional can family cooks get? If I were to rank the skills level requirement for household staff, cooks always rank top of the list. Homes can get by with less skilled (by this, i don't mean unskilled) housekeepers or lavandera.. but cooks have to be really good because they are so important in providing joy in family living. A good meal goes a long long way. A famous Italian quote says, When the body is well, the soul dances.
I've met cook Delia who can whip up moderately complicated fare with a smile on her lips and so much expertise and passion in her hands. Her menu today was seafood soup tomato based,broccoli-asparagus sauteed in garlic, fish and chips, steamed fish, cauliflower gratin, carbonara and wagyu hamburger. The last two dishes were ordered just right before meal time. How much are you willing to pay for a good cook? Where do we find cooks like Delia.


Although flavor is most important, however simple the dish may be, you will agree with me that a fancy napkin fold, a pleasantly garnished plate or clean, gleaming utensils well placed on the table decorated with some flower arrangement always spruce up a meal and makes it a tad more appetizing. My eyes feasts on a well laid table. Along with culinary skills, these are simple skills staff can learn in domestic staff training centers that can further enhance their expertise. You spend a modest training fee and the result is so delightful for the entire family. Where do we find these precious cooks? They are becoming rare because very few are patient enough to invest in home grown chefs. Delia was a caregiver when she started working in the home and with her employer's patience, she bloomed to be what she is now. Invest in training your helps. Remember, It's your family that benefits in the end.

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