Sunday, April 15, 2012

Caring for Suitcase

Love to travel?  Invest in good quality suitcase, and know how to care for them.  Suitcases come in all sizes and colors and styles! Choosing the right suitcase is a very personal one – (1)  I would give priority to weight, less than 3K would be good, I just came from a month trip to Australia and you bet how I appreciated light weight suitcases!!; (2)  quality comes next, I mean secure zips and sturdy wheels and handles; (3) then shape, I prefer rectangular ones than the duffle bag-types because packing is easier,I also do not want too many outer pockets, I don’t need them;  (4) size will then depend on how long my trip is, although I am not inclined to get the big ones, I am a travel light type.

Immediately after a trip, clean - disinfect your suitcase even before carrying them inside your room. Handling and cargo storage in the plane mean dust and dirt and bugs and pests and germs deposited onto your suitcase. Although they may not pose health danger, you do not want to bring in bugs and insects into your homes with your luggage! It is no rocket science to clean and disinfect bags- thoroughly wipe the outer surface with cloth moistened with disinfectant.

After unpacking, check all pockets to remove all your stuff and damp wipe interiors. Check for damage – zips, wheels, handles, lining. Many good quality brands have 5 years to lifetime warranty to replace worn wheels, broken handles, mend tears etc.
Then you may want to leave some freshening cloth inside your luggage to keep them smelling fresh while stored. Have a safe and fun trip always!!

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