Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Australian Butler School Experience!!

After two years of analyzing the pros and cons of the different butler schools plus other factors worth considering (acquiring a visa..), I finally decided to go to the Australian Butler School for my Household Management Certification. Inspite of several questions/doubts in mind- there is never an ideal situation- I flew to Melbourne to participate in the March 2012 batch of the ABS.
It was a worthwhile trip and value for money! Days of serious classes and nights of assessment-completion made up an intense 4-week integrated course that makes every participant capable and confident in running a household. I admit, I didn't go there "tabula rasa" (blank slate) I came equipped with formidable experience in household administration. My expectations were high. My 4-week experience gave me the refinement I most wanted in every skill I thought I knew well. I didn't expect to learn many new things (although yes I did..), I didn't expect to know the latest technology involved with household management, all I wanted was to learn the art of butler service- "silent and seamless" as the motto of the Australian Butler goes. Every class and assessment taught me the history, the science- with a smothering of common sense, the art and the joy of every skill and life of a professional butler.
I fell more in love with my work, with this service in the home, with the industry I belong to. Vale la pena.. It is worthwhile. Thanks to the Australian Butler School!!

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