Thursday, December 31, 2009


One of my most important learnings this 2009 goes this way " hindsight is always 20/20" Heard it from a Catholic priest. As we look back to the year about to pass, we might find ourselves thinking i could have done that, i shoudn't have said that, I could have, and so goes our coulds and woulds...Hindsight has the advantage of a more complete information and insights from a number of sources which we may not have had the luxury of at the moment we took that decision, that action, those moments of conversations or discussion.

At the end of the day, what matters is we did the best we could with the information on hand and available. This 2010 is another shot we've got at this journey. It is worth our while to be informed, easily accessible technologically; however have time to reflect and study the thousand available information so as to possess the right convictions so that all our 2009 hindsights become 2010 insights; which then become our guiding principles at every twist and turn of life. To my dear bloggers HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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