Sunday, January 2, 2011

THANKS 2010, HELLO 2011!!

Thanks to all of you who visit my almost eternally uneventful 2010 blog!!  The positive side of it is that it has been a real busy end of year....   okay, okay - busy looking for something to be busy about hahaha..  Many things to thank the One above..

2011!!  I so look forward to this. Each time I seem to be more prepared and excited about the prospects of the new year -  London Home Management Conference in March, an Australian Home Management Update course probably in March or July, a cleaning expo in Shanghai, a family oriented training program to develop for the domestic workers, a community project to help moms and women of my city.. whew!!  and Yes, a more eventful blogging.

Now let's get to work!! A Happy and Blessed New Year  to all!!

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