Friday, August 27, 2010


Two days ago I promised myself not to whine about the glaring flaws of the Manila hostage crisis, I haven't been keeping it. Perhaps I need to make the public part of my PAGBABAGO!

There's really nothing surprising that the hostage drama ended tragically. We experience the daily incompetence of our police force - we see them daily waiting under a tree to catch a traffic violator instead of easing the convoluted traffic. Anybody who trusts the police, please raise your right hand? "Anak, magingat sa mga pulis"  di ba? Even P'Noy's inaugural address included the first presidential decree against police wang wang (aka abuse/misuse of power). 

Nothing surprising about pinoys posting happy pictures, gruesome Hong Thai bus at the background, making fun and taking lightly even the most tragic calamity. While some manage to keep souvenirs - Ondoy donations kept at official storage rooms for next election, the silent majority are indifferent/insensitive for as long as it doesn't concern them! We don't keep tab of important things, we forget,  we move on until the next one comes along.. oooh yeah.. 

Nothing surprising with P' Noy either, a Presidential title doesnt change a 50 yr-old uncommited bachelor overnight. No math needed to figure out Malacanang's low batt inaction!  Do we now miss GMA?.. remember her half-day quelling of a coup at Manila Penn, no blood shed and rounding up uncooperative mediamen! Malacanang must look up the meaning of isolated and unimportant, uh oh, their not synonyms.. Sa akin mag umpisa ang pagbabago, kayo ang boss ko!! And 55 days later, P' Noy says he doesn't want to intervene, so God save the Philippines!

Thank God this event was witnessed by the whole wide world because every senator and goverment official and police and lawmaker seem ready to take action to correct the situation. Much like when fiesta comes, everyone does general cleaning, brings out the best linen and china to impress the guests. Day after, back to same old ways. Are we going to be surprised that this will just be one of those same old same old? Much ado, all ado.

It is no surprise that while the  OFWs, Manny, Charice, Venus, Efren, Goldilocks cakes and many, many great Filipinos build, some misfits in the goverment, the police and military, the congress, the judiciary have been bungling our bright future. From their ranks have come most of our real "major, major" problems and embarassment! Let's not leave our fate, our beautiful country, our children's future to these incompetent usual suspects. 

It is neither a surprise that we are a  strong force together- remember Ondoy? Guess who makes much ado in the WWW?  When Filipinos tweet, we set the TREND! We don't need the title to lead, we have the power and we've made it possible hundredth times over. Let's start sweeping not only in our own backyard but in our community too. Unless we are in it TOGETHER, individually we can't keep up with the systemic corruption and consistent inconsistencies of the few misfits. 

No surprises here, but we all need PAGBABAGO! Let's not allow this much ado to come to naught. This isn't a campaign LOLz, it's a clarion call to be "personally and societally" responsible and response-able Pinoy! Sa akin mag umpisa ang pagbabago! 

PS, by the way, are we surprised about the media my dear kapuso and kapamilya? Let's not discuss them, baka tumaas pa rating nila. 

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