Sunday, January 2, 2011

Prince William and Kate : We'll manage without butlers or servants

"His father famously employs almost 150 staff to cater for his every need, but Prince William has insisted he and Kate Middleton have no intention of taking on butlers or household staff when they begin married life in April...The couple believe that sharing their home with servants would ruin the intimacy of their relationship". 


I am very impressed with the Prince.  I've witnessed big and busy families ably perform the household duties and combine it with their professional and social duties and still have happy family and successful personal lives. It is not impossible. However, it is also just as possible to have a modest staff and enjoy even greater family intimacy..,  but i can't blame the Prince aversion to household staff- many factors we all know too well from their much publicised lives pushed him to make such choice. But may I insist that the idea of having butlers and servants should not be seen as a threat to family intimacy. 

Being a home manager, fostering and protecting family life and intimacy is my first and only duty, from which comes all the hosts of household tasks - preparing great meals, maintaining a clean and cozy home, providing crisp and good smelling linen and clothing on time, making sure the cars have gas and are well maintained.. and keeping the service staff happy so the family experience peace and warmth and privacy of their own homes. My service motto is - "an efficient service experience that is not seen nor heard". It is a disservice to the family when instead of facilitating their lives, we bacome an added problem because of petty squabbles, gossiping, bad service. 

At the end of each day when my client says "Thank you" with a smile on her face gives me so much satisfaction. Its a job well done, tomorrow is another day. 

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