Saturday, January 15, 2011

Housekeepers Training Program- Maligaya, Manila

The name Maligaya (the Tagalog word for “joy”) is the motto and spirit that animate the Maligaya School for Culinary Arts and Residential Services (MICARS) brand of training and education, “joy in service”. 

All programs offered by MICARS take a holistic approach. Technical competence is effectively acquired through a work-study scheme wherein the students learn both from theoretical instruction and hands-on training in real work situation. Parallel to culinary, baking and housekeeping skills, the curricula are also designed to guarantee social, ethical and spiritual formation of the students by instilling in them proper values and attitudes through the tutorial system, values education subjects and various school activities. The school building houses the Tahilan student residence which effectively serves as the school's venue for on the job training for its students. 

The six storey building with modern institutional kitchen, baking and laundry facilities, stands in Manila and was put up through the generous assistance from local donors and a grant from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a development cooperation project with Associazione Centro ELIS (ACE).

And starting the end of January 2011,  a 10-session training course for household helpers will be offered by Maligaya School for Culinary Arts. The helpers are taught basic skills from housekeeping, home repairs, laundry, table setting and dining service, basic cooking and baking. 
For more information about the school, you may visit their website

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