Thursday, November 3, 2011


Cooks family & staff meals-breakfast, Pack meals, Lunch, dinner and snacks. Makes menu, grocery list
  Kitchen, Pantry - all appliances, Ref & Freezers, wine chiller, storage room, cupboards
Market & grocery (every Saturday) Monitor LPG supply (Maintain 1 tank reserve )

5:00 Rise. Take a shower and wear proper uniform.  Prepare breakfast of kids (6:00AM Mon-Fri) & staff (7:00AM)
7:30 Clean up kitchen, wash and dry pots & pans, wipe and sanitize counters.  Put order in the kitchen.
Prepare pack meals ni Mam 
8:00 Set  breakfast  table for Mam, and other guests.
8:30 Luto ang baon ni Lee (ready by 9:00AM, hatid by Yaya).
 Ligpit and linis kitchen. Ilabas ang lulutuin for lunch
10:00 Ihanda ang lunch  (staff for family members or guests @ home)
12:00 STAFF LUNCH.  Pagkatapos ay magligpit ng kitchen. Pahinga
3:00 Prepare snacks for Lee.  Maglaba ng basahan, dish towels na gamit ng kitchen, at mop.
4:00 Maghanda ng lutuin for Dinner of Lee (6:00 PM) and staff
7:00 STAFF DINNER.  Prepare soup dinner for Mam . Ligpit kitchen. Wait for mam
9:00 Nightly tasks
10:30 Lights Out
AFTER COOKING 1. Clean up and wash all pots & pans, dishes used, dry dishes & return to cabinets
2.  Clean all kitchen equipment.  Wipe all counters / tuyuin lahat ng counters at sink. Labhan ang basahan palagi.
3. Sweep kitchen floors, mop
4. Clean up dining area - clear plates, placemats, wipe table, sweep floor
5. Put leftovers in container, store in refrigerators
EVERY NIGHT 1. Sanitize all cabinets doors, refrigerator & gas range, kitchen counters and sink.
2. Put all utensil / item back in its proper place
4. Throw garbage, wash sanitize trash cans, reline
5. Wash all used kitchen rags, dish towels, hand towels ( sa hapon, libreng oras)
6. Sweep, Mop, disinfect floors
WEEKLY Pour hot water ( with baking soda)  on drains, clean all dish sponges & abrasives
Friday Linisin ang refrigerator at freezer. Mag lista ng kailangan bilhin sa grocery at ibigay kay Mam.
CHECK EXPIRY - huwag paabutin ma expire ng leftovers sa ref at  mga grocery items storage
Tuesday Mag alis ng agiw sa kisame, linisin ang bintana at ang exhaust.
MONTHLY Punasan at sanitize ang loob ng lahat ng kitchen cabinets, cupboards, pantry shelves
Clean ceiling fan, window shades (sunscreen)
After Use All kitchen equipment- gas stove, griller, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, blender, etc
1 Always be clean & neat. Wash hands often. Neatly combed hair, proper uniform at home
2 SMILE AND BE HAPPY. Always greet Good morning/afternoon/evening. Say thank you, welcome and please
3 MALASAKIT SA PAMILYA AT SA KAPWA.  Kung may makitang pwedeng gawin,gawin ito kahit wala sa listahan
4 PAALALA. Ang pagtanggap ng sariling bisita sa kapamahayan ay kailangan ng pahintulot ni Mam.
After daily cleaning, turn off lights, close doors, decors/frames upright, doors closed
PESTS & ANAY MONITORING. Report wood borers and other insects to Mam

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