Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is managing household a headache? try four..

.. well I manage four! This Wednesday, I was in bed with a bad flu; this is my recorded sms messages February 9, Wednesday, 7AM
Me:    (to Wednesday house) Hi Ma'am, I am sorry I cannot report to work today. I am down with flu     
           since Monday and am not any better yet. 
Tuesday house:   Libai  sabi ni Sir (according to Sir), hoard some gallons of water and LPG and 
           Jacobs' diet crackers in case a coup rumour pulls off this week,  rumours from military missus.
Me:     (to tuesday house) okay ill ask chef to double up stock. 
Wednesday house:    Okay, take your rest.
Me:     (to Tuesday Chef) Chef please attend to this - Tuesday house sms forwarded.
Monday house:   Libai, how are you? Mrs. Ramos (the neighbor) will not sign firewall consent unless 
           she talks to the Contractor and Architect, please coordinate. Ill be out of town this weekend.
Me:     (to Monday house) Copy, Ill take care of that.
Chef:    Ma'am, Jacob's crackers out of stock in S&R and Shopwise, can you help us look for it?
Secretary:   Ma'am, chef says Jacob's crackers out of stock in S&R and Shopwise, can you help us 
           look for it?
Me:    (to Chef & Secretary)  I have a 38 temperature right now, so please send DriverX to scour 
          all the major supermarkets for Jacobs before the coup breaks out!! hehehe
Me:     (to Arch EU and Engineer S)  Kindly visit Mrs Ramos this afternoon to clarify some matters and 
          obtain the Firewall consent.
Thursday house:    Hi Libai, are you coming tomorrow? When do we interview the new cook?
Me:      (to cook applicant)  Hi cook, when is our interview schedule? Is it Feb 14 or Feb 15?
Arch EU:   Engr S, kindly see Mrs Ramos regarding firewall consent. cc Libai, Monday House
Engr S:    Copy
Me:       (to Arch EU and Engineer S) Thanks and goodluck
Cook:     Gudam Ma'am,  I will come on Monday Feb 14, 8AM.
Me:       (to Thursday house) Hi Ma'am, I am sick and I cannot report for work tomorrow. Cook 
           applicant interview confirmed  on February 14, 8AM. 

Knock.. knock..:  Hi Libai, have you rested? its lunchtime dear..

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