Thursday, May 19, 2011

Solidarity and Housework

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My two older sisters, Mila, 63 and Bobbie, 58  signed up with facebook and have 145 and 29 friends respectively (Bobbie just opened account in May 2011). Both joined the family group, "liked" Bruno Mars to support a niece from the opposite pole who joined such and such contest, renewed communications with long lost relatives and are proudly sharing the most recent pictures of their smart grand children. Facebook has become an effective channel for encouraging family relationship and generational identity.
There will, however, be no replacing family life as the first, cheapest, most natural and most effective school in generational solidarity that our world so needs. Family life naturally generates and nurture trust and reciprocity among its members which are what make solidarity work.
A well managed home must facilitate family relationship. The living quarters, the service areas and service performance must promote family get together, conversation and working together.  Every aspect of household service must be performed to allow, foster and not to interrupt family relationship. To trust is to be able to rely on another and it is in serving, in giving one's time, one's helping hand, giving oneself that promotes trust among people.  Family lifestyle and household service that isolate members from each other or take away the opportunity of needing and giving service to each other  also take away the education in solidarity.
As a professional homemaker or private service professional, what is your service vision? 

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