Sunday, August 1, 2010

Charity in Truth

I am reading the encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI "Charity in Truth". yes sir!  Are encyclicals included in a home manager's reading materials? (mine at least), actually anybody for that matter. Don't ask me for a cerebral analysis of this material (Im not even done yet)..,  but it discusses the very interesting topic of true development.
In this era of amazing opportuntities in taking advantage of economic and technological advancement, genuine human development finds it foundation and is cemented in the home, within the confines of family life where I am me on equal footing with the rest with respect to rights and responsibilities, where my service is appreciated for what I can give, I am loved and defended as I am without need of compromise nor without need of titles. It is in the home where I am free and loved and respected being me.  From genuine families come responsible members of society.
What a privileged job it is to serve and nurture a home. The work of home managers and domestic staff is a catalyst to genuine sustainable human progress..

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