Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Vacation time is clean up time! I spent entire week doing spring cleaning preparing for the arrival of the home owners.  This past three weeks consisted of repainting, minor repairs and deep cleaning while my clients are out and enjoying their summer vacation. 
I prefer manual dusting of
Persian Rugs to preserve pile
Use soft cleaning brush
for grooves

Prior to vacation (at least 2-3 weeks) all the works must be coordinated - inspection  to identify needed repairs, schedule restorative cleaning, schedule vacation of the staff, empty the pantry, call service providers (repairmen, cleaners, pest control), foresee upcoming events.  These works can only be done while the family is away. 
Spring cleaning means dusting ceiling and coves, cleaning lamps and chandeliers, shampooing uphoslteries and rugs, cleaning bookshelves, walk in closets, shoe shelves, cupboards, scrubbing toilets and kitchens, sending bedcovers for dry cleaning, thorough vacuuming including matresses, cleaning roll up blinds  and wooden shutters, scrubbing/polishing floors, cutting overgrown tree branches and plants, list go on and on, it really depends on each case.
Make sure you make a checklist for each staff to help them organize their cleaning and to make sure everything is done on time without sacrificing their rest and health. Happy Cleaning!

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