Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WOW! I Smell Christmas..

We can smell Christmas everywhere. our streets are decked with humongous pots of beautiful poinsettias and lit with lamps made of native bells and balls. Buildings along the business district have brought out their Nativity scene and malls are playing out Chrismas carols. And this is done every year right after the Halloween! I guess lots of planning and logistics add to the already full day of our facilities maintenance people.

Moms are just as busy since it's also a time for parties and get togethers which means lots of cleaning and decorating to prepare the house to welcome guests. We've just bought our new Christmas tree since we had to replace our geriatric tree. After a long discussion, we decided on a narrow golden tree for a change, not green but YES "green" -more environmental since we don't need to put much lights and it's of organic material. And our theme is copper and gold, WOW!

Family meals are more elaborate too. The turkey, the dining wares and the little details of dressing up our water pitchers all to express the extra special meaning of these days.

Inspite of all the "works" everywhere, Christmas brings excitement and caring warmth to everyone which is all what the first Christmas was all about anyway. It's a MERRY CHRISTMAS soon...

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