Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tribute to flip flops!

That's my mom's 89 year old feet on flip flops too!! every cool dude and cool babe and cool granmas!! wear them everywhere - in the malls, in parks, in the beach, even in church ( i don't say I approve this last one)! The once informal super dressed down footwear has been glorified! Back in my time, hahaha! that is supposed to be worn only in the bathroom or when we play hide and seek or any rough street games outdoors (you do remember that right? oh come on) or....

.....or at home which we use to change from street shoes to keep our homes clean.. Oooh real cool!! talking about preventive cleaning programs, apart from, i guess better than or okay supplements walk off mats.. is to have these nowadays glorified home footwear! It's the most natural thing to do in Japan, and in most homes in the Philippines ( we actually remove our shoes and walk barefoot inside the house to keep floors clean and shiny!!). Then just how do you deal with guests? Here's one idea from a client..

Imaginaton and creativity huh! Pretty pairs of flipflops (YES! clean and sanitized too!) on a boat-like wooden container by the door ready for house guests, but quietly, subtly suggested. Then beside it is a nice native cabinet where you can keep your street shoes temporarily. This is very creative, hip, and very clever preventive cleaning system.

Our street footwear carry dust and dirt and sand which you carry inside the house if you don't install some preventive systems - a floor mat (walk off matting) which come i homey designs too unlike the rubber mats you find in the buildings! and these glorious house footwear!

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