Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leather Furniture Care

Leather furniture are a good investment choice and must be properly cared for, cleaned and conditioned. Keep away leather furniture from direct light source - sun or indoor lighting or any source of heat to prevent it from fading, drying out and cracking. Before any attempt to clean your beautiful leather furniture, it is important to determine the type of leather yyou have. You can find this information on the tags that came with your furniture or in the written material provided by the furniture dealer or manufacturer. Care begins with vacuuming the piece of furniture regularly making sure to use the soft brush accessory because genuine leather scratches easily. Adjust the suction power on your vacuum to moderate to prevent leaving marks on the leather.

When your furniture begin to feel dry then it's time to nourish it. Dip your soft cleaning rag in the soapy water (use mild soap) and wring out thoroughly. Test a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture first. Working one section at a time, wipe the surface of the furniture with the rag. Then wipe away the soap residue with a clean damp rag (no soap). Dry thoroughly with the dry rag and buff to restore luster. Treat the surface with leather protector/conditioner as per product instructions.

Remember, if you have any doubt as to the proper way to clean your leather furniture; do not hesitate to call a professional.

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