Saturday, December 8, 2007

Selfless Service

In recent trip to Shanghai, i asked Aimee, shanghainese I met in the subway, if she could give me directions to get to Nanjing road.. and not finding the right words, she accompanied us to the place instead which meant going out of her way.. that was not an isolated incident. We met many Chinese people very eager to extend a hand.. in the hotel, shopping malls, streets.. sparing time even in very busy schedule.
There comes to mind St Josemaria's words: There are two ways of reaching the top: one — the Christian way — by the noble and gallant effort of serving others; the other — the pagan way — by the mean and ignoble effort of dragging down your neighbour. It is so welcoming and inspiring to experience selfless service.. its so nice to meet people like Aimee.. she could have gone straight home after a hard days work, yet she chose to accompany us who were complete strangers to her..
It is easy to serve loved ones, friends or colleagues especially when we have time to spare.. yet it's so easy as well to find an excuse when we're so busy "sorry but... got to finish this project, running late for a meeting, ... have more important things to do.. uh oh sorry i dont have money.. " we are selfish users many times, arent we?..
Yet it only takes a few minutes of our time to help someone, sometimes all it takes is a smile, some reassuring words to make others feel how important their ideas, their opinion, their work, their happiness to us..

we can always do something for others.. we have the power to change peoples lives, to help make it better, easier.. even just a little..

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